Cold Industrial Music

post Music for a Cold Industrial world. Tune in for a mix of retro #Coldwave #Industrial #Noise and #EBM. [lbg_audio7_html5 settings_id=’558′] Adresse du site web:

Metal knight radio

3.7 / 5 ( 4 votes ) Emisora de radio online dedicada al Metal. Música variada y de todos los estilos,grupos nuevos y viejos, bandas sonoras, instrumental y en todos los idiomas. Online radio station dedicated to Metal. Music varied and all styles, new and old groups, soundtracks, instrumental andContinue Reading

post Station de radio en ligne dédiée aux Metal music. des groupes variés et tous les styles, nouveaux et anciens, du son instrumental dans toutes les langues et de partout dans les groupes de musique du monde. Site: [player id=6174]

Moshed Potatoes Radio

post Welcome to Moshed Potatoes Radio, where we play the best in punk, goth, industrial and related genres! Site: [lbg_audio7_html5 settings_id=’803′]

rock feuer

post Mainstream was yesterday. Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative, Gothic, EBM, Industrial. You want music, information and news? Then you are right here! Site: [lbg_audio7_html5 settings_id=’763′]